The Legend of Dragon's Keep

Long, long ago, somewhere between the era known as Middle Earth and the end of the mighty Uther of Pendragon's reign, there was beyond the East Wind a Magical Kingdom of great renown. Over this most mystical of kingdoms ruled "The Great

One," a very ancient and most wise Noble Dragon.

And to help him govern this wondrous land he kept a Court made up of the mightiest and the wisest Great Dragon Lords in all of the known worlds.

During this time, the Dragons' chosen home, the Earth, was being torn apart by the cataclysmic forces of Nature and the great and terrible Magicks unleashed by the all-consuming greed of both Man and Dragonkind.

The Great Dragon came to know that soon not even his mighty Dragon Lords and their armies would be able to stop what was happening. His Majesty called for a great conclave and brought together the finest of his wise Dragon Advisors and the strongest of his Guardian Armies in the hope of finding a solution to these great and troubling problems.

One of his Noble Dragons, G'Nath, Guardian of the Gate to the West Wind, spoke of a story told to him when he was young by the most venerable and ancient dragon in all the land. The story told about a place of great beauty and peace; of lofty mountains so high and rugged they were constantly wrapped in the whirling mists of the clouds.

Beneath these lofty peaks were beautiful valleys of lush grasses, sparkling lakes and great verdant forests, shrouded in misty vapors in the summers and crystal snows in the winters. And although Mankind did inhabit the lands near there, they were primitive peoples few in number who lived in harmony with their land and indeed all of Nature. And what was more, the storytellers had said that these gentle people also feared the great thundering clouds that covered the mountains and valleys. This enchanting place was sacred to them for they knew it to be the Resting Place of the Four Winds.

But to reach this wondrous land, a very dangerous and perilous journey must be made. A journey that could only be made by traveling between known space and time, and it was feared that not many of even the Great Dragons could survive it. Was this their answer then, to withdraw from the estranged worlds of man, and to seek refuge by journeying to the strange land of the Four Winds? Did this land even exist? After all, everyone knows that the stuff of which legends and myths are made are just stories, are they not?

The Ancient Storyteller Archimedes was summoned to Court, the story related, and the great dangers involved in making a journey like this explained to all. The Dragons were to meditate upon this information and decide if the journey were to be undertaken. After a short time Council was recalled and the decision to attempt this perilous thing was made. For time was running out for the Great Ones, indeed ALL of Dragonkind, and very soon if nothing were done to stop it, Mankind and Dragonkind, would destroy each other totally as well as their Home, the beautiful planet known as EARTH.

Preparations for the journey began and when all was held ready, the Great One appeared before the assembled Dragons of the Kingdom and placed the greatest treasure in all of Dragonkind's possession, "The HEART OF THE DRAGON," in the keeping of his Guardians. With great hope as well as great sadness, he bid his beloved people good journey, good fortune, and most of all peace, for the Great One had chosen to remain behind to ensure their safe departure, and the future of both worlds.

The journey was undertaken at once, and long and arduous it was indeed. Upon arrival at their destination, the Great Ones discovered that the land of the Four Winds was even more beautiful than the legends had said and for this they rejoiced. But their celebration was edged with a great sorrow also, for on the terrible flight through space and time, many souls had been lost.

The Dragons began to settle into their new rocky and mountainous home, a place they learned the men who lived near there called "The Pillars of the Sky," and began to reflect on the last words of the Great One. They had been charged by him to keep apart from all Mankind until such time as Men's Minds and Hearts would turn to the restoration of their Mother the Earth and the betterment of their own kind through the understanding and tolerance of all the kingdoms that populate their home.

Thus for centuries, the Dragon Lords waited and watched from their lofty abode for Mankind to grow in Love and Wisdom enough to be given the great treasure they were keeping so carefully in hiding. Time passed and the memory of Dragons faded from men's minds into mere myths and legends. And still the Dragon Lords waited and watched, sometimes with great hope and many times with great despair, until at long last, it was felt that the waiting was over and another great conclave was called.

Excitement and anticipation rippled through the assembled Dragons, along with some degree of reservation, and even fear. It was decided that even though some men were still greedy and savage, and had learned little even with the passage of centuries, that the time had come for Mankind and Dragonkind to again meet face to face. The Great Ones faced their most difficult task, and yet it was met with great joy and determination, for it held the prospect of the greatest rewards. Now they must begin the slow process of seeking out open minds not afraid to question, eyes not afraid to see beyond the surface of things, hearts not afraid to give of themselves or to Love unconditionally, to begin to enlighten all those who would listen. They seek to be able at long last to share their greatest treasure, to teach Mankind and help them to understand....

The HEART OF THE DRAGON© And come now, these small minions from the Court of Cloud Strider the Beneficent, Lord of the Four Winds, to enter into the world of men. They are seeking enlightened minds and hearts, which will receive them with joy. They come as friends, teachers, companions and protectors to live in peace according to the Dragon Creed; bringing with them the courage, kindness, love and above all, the Wisdom and True Understanding from


His Most Noble Highness
Cloud Strider the Beneficent
Lord of the Four Winds



1989 Rocky Mountain Dragons' Keep

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