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Fabric Dragon Sculptures

Blue Fabric Dragon
Light Red Fabric Dragon
Gold Fabric Dragon Silver Fabric Dragon


The beauty and remarkable wing movement of these dragons has made them a favorite at Renaissance Faires. A slight up and down motion causes a realistic flying motion that has to be seen to be believed. They can be carried on your wrist like a falcon, tucked in your arms, or placed on your shoulder for hands-free travel. Each is individual, each has its own personality, each is hand made by Kata Tagan herself. Kata puts love and magic into each dragon - each is created by an act of love. Because of the special nature of these dragons, they are like family. However, if you find yourself becoming attached, or bonded, with one, you may adopt him or her, for a fee.

You may even specifiy the particular qualities you would like in a dragon you'd like to adopt and Kata will work her magic to bring forth your ideal dragon. Colors and options are available on request, and include reds, blues, greens, purples, gold, silver, bronze, black, and white, among others. Options include contrasting chest and underwing color, armored chest, and neck jewels.

The exclusive, copyrighted design of Heart of the Dragon Dragons enables them to fly! A breeze or a slight motion by the carrier is enough to cause the wings to move in a realistic flying motion. At rest, the wings fold back to display the beauty of the underwing. Not a toy or a doll, the Dragon is recommended for ages 10 and up (or younger, with adult supervision!). Each is a fabric sculpture unlike any other. You will receive a copy of the Legend of Dragon's Keep, the date of your Dragon's hatching, and a congratulations form which includes instructions for care. When you find a name for your Dragon, we ask that you send it to us so we can include it in the Dragon Tome of Records!
A Dragon can watch over your space from a high shelf or ledge, or even be suspended from the ceiling by use of fishing line. Get in touch with the Dragon energy by carrying your new friend with you. The Dragon will rest easily tucked in your arms, or perch gracefully on your arm much as a falconer's falcon would. Most striking is the way you can have the Dragon perch on your shoulder, wrapping the tail around your other arm to balance him/her for hands-free travel.

Base price is $95 for small (1 foot body length), $110 for medium (1 1/2 feet), and $145 for large (2 foot body length). The options listed above are extra; call or e-mail for prices. There is no additional cost for custom orders, but please allow extra time to create your own personal work of art. Some dragons are available immediately. Please call (970) 640-6194 for details.

When you adopt a dragon, you will receive a copy of the
Legend of Dragon's Keep.

Two dragons are attended by a unicorn and a pegasus

Here are three of the designs of fabric
sculpture Kata has created for Heart of the
Dragon. Two dragons are attended by a unicorn
and a pegasus.


We also have Hatchlings!