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Sometimes hatchlings are found in pairs!

Each Hatchling Dragon shown here is available for adoption, but as a unique item, each is subject to prior sale.
If the one you choose is already gone, we will call you with a listing of colors available immediately, or you can choose to special order one (where fabrics are available) at no extra charge.
If you do not see the colors you desire, please call Heart of the Dragon at 970-640-6194 with your order. Thank you!

Price is $54.95 plus shipping, usually $10 in the continental US. Email for exact shipping cost..

Click on the photo for a pop-up of a larger photograph.

Just what you need-a refrigerator dragon!

Brighten up your day with this youngster!

Is he in camouflage?

This hatchling has decided to climb a chair to get a better view of things.

This bright delight is in Black Sparkle Velvet.

Black Hatchling with Purple Tie-dye.

A beautiful baby.

Getting ready to take off!

Looking for a home. "Please take me!"

Just hatched.

"Mmmm. Pillow!"


Order a special Hatchling of your design by
calling Heart of the Dragon at 970-640-6194.
All hatchlings are shipped to you insured at their full value.

Call now to find your Companion!