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All chest pieces are geronteed for life to not come apart from regular wear and tear. I will pay for repairs shipping and repair them for free. They are NOT combat rated(especialy alumium) and any repairs needed from anything other than wearing them around will cost you.

Why do I gerontee them? I use split rings(key rings) to put them together. Most ringed mail is made from cut rings just pushed together(pic). Split rings have an overlap that keeps them from coming appart even when stretched to twice their size. pic

I pride myself on custom work. Im willing to do custom patterns and designs. If what you want is shaped differently than a vest, please go to the link(custom pieces) page.

field of measurements
waist, neck, nipples, belly, armpit, top to bottom.
material selector, maybe aditional materials.
comments about what you want it to look like.
downpayment, estimate of overall cost. prices vary.
Nipples in Inches:
Belly in Inches:
result: number